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Lessons In Tanya - 5 Vol - Small set
A well-lit and accessible gateway to Tanya, and the most authoritative guide to its riches.
פרטים נוספים
מק"ט: 6101
מחבר: אדמו"ר הזקן
מוציא לאור: קה"ת
תאריך הוצאה לאור: 2007
מחיר קטלוגי: 250 ש"ח
פורמט הדפסה: כיס
סוג כריכה: סקיי
מידע נוסף

A linear exposition and commentary on Tanya based on a popular weekly radio series in Yiddish. Rabbi Wineberg`s commentary draws upon the teachings he received from Chasidic scholars at the renowned academies of Lubavitch in Europe and the writings of seven generations of Chabad Rebbes. Each of the lectures was examined and amended by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn, so that much of the material includes the Rebbe`s insights and explanatory comments.

Lessons in Tanya leads the reader through every paragraph and page, illuminating the mystical, often allusive, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and Scriptural verses and concepts. It fills many gaps in what the terse Tanya text assumes to be the reader`s background knowledge.



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